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can i use red hair dye as a filler

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is it possible to use  red hair dye as a filler

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Red hair dye is a popular choice when you’re looking for a way to add volume and body to thin, fine hair. It works by depositing pigment on the surface of your strands, which creates a fuller appearance.
While it’s an effective way to fill in sparse areas, it can also be used as a styling product. You can use red hair dye as a root lifter to add body to your roots or as a conditioning treatment to give your ends some extra moisture. It can also be used to create funky color combinations or highlight specific sections of hair.
One word of caution: The first time you dye your hair red, you may experience temporary sensitivity as the dye reacts with your natural pigment to create a new shade. This is normal and will fade after about two weeks (so don't be afraid to get all out there!). Also, be sure to wash your hair regularly so that any leftover dye has a chance to come out properly.